Finally Start Living The LIFE YOU LOVE!



An exclusive and intimate 3-month coaching program with a small group of like-minded women, focused on creating optimal wellness.

Join me for a 12-week total wellness transformation. Tosca will guide you through the 3 critical pillars of wellness, including Eating Clean, Exercise, and Emotional Self-care. Weekly topics and resources including video training, meal plans, recipes, weekly Zoom calls, custom workouts, special guests, a private Facebook group just for members and so much more. 

Weekly Live group coaching calls connect us, as I answer your questions and provide guidance, feedback, and a whole lotta love! 

Daily interaction in our private online community from myself (I am with you each step of the way!), my team, and the other remarkable women in the group. 

The community that forms is priceless!


  • You’ve tried other programs, only to feel even further away from your goals
  • You want an expert to walk with you every step of the way of your transformation journey
  • You are craving a community, ongoing support, motivation, and tough love to keep you accountable, on track, and feeling connected
  • ​You’re DONE doing things halfway. You’re ready to go ALL IN and finally show up for yourself and take charge of your life
  • ​You want to feel better, look better and live better

This is so much more than a health program.
It’s a total LIFE Transformation.



Building Your Eat Clean Foundation

Whether you think you Eat Clean or not, a focus on the foundational aspects of this wellness based lifestyle is essential. Your health is based predominantly on what you eat - THIS is the place to start.
  • The Eat Clean Principles
  • The science behind Eating Clean and why it works
  • How to build an Eat Clean pantry in your home
  • Tosca’s favorite staple recipes
  • How to track your food and hydration
  • How to build your Eat Clean plate and optimally time your meals
  • Macros (learn why carbs and fat are NOT the enemy, and how adding more protein to your diet can literally change EVERYTHING for women)
  • Meal plans and recipes

Your #1 Deficiency and Starting 
Your Day Right

Dehydration is linked to most health complaints and negative symptoms. Adequately hydrating (and staying that way), is a lot more than just drinking 8 cups of water a day. 

PLUS, you’ll learn how to establish a simple morning routine to start your day on the right foot and fast track your results. 
  • The importance of proper hydration and how to achieve this in your own life
  • How to create a morning routine to support you
  • Tosca’s famous (and delicious) Wetter Water recipe
  • Meal plans and recipes

Slay the Sugar Monster

Striking sugar from your diet is another foundational principle of the Eat Clean lifestyle. Refined sugar in your diet will derail your best efforts every time.

You will learn how I overcame my own sugar addiction and how you can too. 
  • Identify hidden sugars
  • Tracking carbohydrate intake and how you feel after high carb meals
  • Poor micronutrient combinations in meals and what to do instead
  • How hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, Type II Diabetes and Type III are linked to a diet high in refined carbohydrate and low in healthy dietary fats
  • The primary organs that regulate blood sugar
  • Meal plans and recipes

Eating Clean ~ Anytime, Anywhere!

You understand how to Eat Clean but you’ll want to know how to take the Eat Clean show on the road. 

Whether it’s eating on the go, packing a lunch for work, or eating out at a restaurant, I’ve got you covered.
  • Incorporating Eating Clean into a busy life
  • The Eat Clean Principles and building an Eat Clean Plate
  • Eating Clean at home, on the go, and in a restaurant
  • Recipes and Meal plans

The Movement Formula

Solidly into the sugar detox, your body is still working to remove the harm. You will notice less inflammation and pain, a more balanced mood, a feeling of improved general well-being. You are looking and feeling much better. Your sleep is greatly improved and even your skin and hair are looking healthier.

Preparing sugar free meals feels like you are honouring your body and your health. You can’t believe how easy it is to become fluent in the kitchen as you prepare your delicious meals.  
  • The Movement Formula - how much exercise do you really need?
  • The importance of strength AND cardio in your workouts - it’s time to ditch the endless hours on the stepper and grab yourself a kettlebell!
  • The importance of active rest and how to incorporate it into your week
  • Suggestions and examples of cardio, active rest, and resistance workouts

Strength Training and Metabolism

Solidly into the sugar detox, your body is still working to remove the harm. You will notice less inflammation and pain, a more balanced mood, a feeling of improved general well-being. You are looking and feeling much better. Your sleep is greatly improved and even your skin and hair are looking healthier.

Preparing sugar free meals feels like you are honouring your body and your health. You can’t believe how easy it is to become fluent in the kitchen as you prepare your delicious meals.  
  • Why strength training actually matters
  • The metabolic effect of building muscle
  • How often to strength train
  • My favourite strength training equipment
  • Strength training workouts to get you sweating and building!

Core Training

You want abs, but are endless crunches actually the way to obtain them? 

Nope! This week is going to be FUN! And eye-opening and ab-revealing!
  • What your “core” actually means
  • The other muscle groups connected to your core and how they may be getting in the way of achieving the midriff you desire
  • How to train your core from the inside out
  • Core strengthening workouts to get you carving the midsection you’ve always desired

Cardio Training

Cardio training does NOT mean endless hours on the treadmill - what a relief right!? 

This week you’ll learn how to train properly for maximum results.
  • Why is cardio training important and what exactly IS it?
  • Ideal cardio intensity - how hard should you actually be working?
  • How to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
  • Cardio workout options

Connecting Your Emotions and Energy

Eating Clean and Exercise are big components of your health, but there is a third component of wellness according to the World Health Organization. 

Work through how to connect to your emotions and internal world, releasing old mindsets and habits and ultimately excess pounds.  
  • Learn the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • What is “energy” anyway, and how to shift it
  • The teachings of Abraham Hicks
  • Power vs Force
  • The Biology of Belief

Meditation and Gratitude

You will learn to turn inward and connect with your deepest self through meditation and journaling. 

Gratitude will also be a focus of discussion as your vibration continues to rise.
  • What is meditation and how to get started
  • The importance and transformative power of journaling
  • How to establish an “attitude of gratitude”
  • Journaling prompts and guided meditations

Handling Trauma and Forgiveness

We’ll be connecting to your past and also your future self this week.

It’s powerful and transformative.
  • Learn how to use the Trauma Transformer Tool
  • Reframe your story
  • Find your Future Self and describe her
  • Forgiveness - the ultimate liberation
  • Definite Purpose Statement 

Celebration and Final Wrap-Up

Everyone shares the Coles Notes of her experience.

Each person shares a comment about their Accountability Partner - what gift would you like to give her
  • You did it! Let’s celebrate!
  • How celebration cements learning
  • What others value about your experience here is this group
  • What your goals are after this session ends and how you will put them into place



Private Online Community

The transformation that occurs when like-minded people come together with the common goal of raising their vibration and supporting each other cannot be understated.

We call ourselves Sisters in Wellness.  We are unquestionably a family.  We connect daily in this group and weekly, live over Zoom. We are together every step of the way.

Guest Expert Interviews And Workshops

Past topics have included: 
Weekly calls to provide you with in-depth information on important health topics. Topics include; hormones, pelvic floor health, a killer kettlebell workout, and guided meditation.

I aim to introduce you to some of the best in the business and we have a lot of fun and
a-ha moments while we do it!


it really is possible!

I saw your invitation to the Total Eat Clean Transformation on Facebook and I felt my heart tugging to click the link and join. 

I didn’t at first but I finally clicked the link and spoke to you and I’m so glad I did!

I was initially scared to join but I didn’t understand why I felt scared.  

I was tired of beginning programs and not reaching my goals. I wanted a program with people who were my age and understood my body and my needs. I wanted someone who has been through life’s events and pushed beyond the chaos to the other side.

As of this writing, I have lost 19 pounds or almost two dress sizes. I feel like the emotional and spiritual side of the wellness program has been the catalyst for me. 

My accountability partner has helped me to unlock the door to move forward. The ladies are so kind and forthcoming.

I’m so glad I made the investment in myself and joined the program.

Thank you.
Liz G
“The most surprising win is the new friendships and learning that it's not that hard to journal!

The biggest learning is all the tools we have to make this a better, more gratifying experience. Example, you can hydrate better, portion size by using your built in tools (your hands), you can get support when you need it too!

Biggest win - being able to walk farther than I ever thought I could (yes with hip and knee issues, it's possible!) and putting on clothing that fits better, better than they have for years.” 

No need for a scale!

Measured my wins by trying on my clothing and the ability to move better! Oh and to feel energized and light!”
Margie C.
“I found food prep and what I would be eating during the week easy and quite comforting once I had them down pat. We are all in a state of uncertainty. Having this control has been nothing short of magnificent. I might trip sometimes and fall off the wagon but it is WAY less than before and I am getting back up and on track so much quicker this time. Thank you Tosca Reno - you are truly an angel in my life.”
Anne S.
“For me what's gotten easier to focus on is gratitude; not that I wasn’t grateful before but I’m humbled by how much I’ve been blessed and so much to be grateful for. I think I’m not as stressed and my family thinks I’m happier! I’m sleeping deeper; not longer but deeper and do feel better than before.”
Cheryl R.
“I’m so grateful to be part of this group and know that we are all here to support and strengthen each other. Thank you Tosca Reno!”
Tamara W.
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